coffee in jars


Please Note:  Because it is so important to freshly roast coffee, your coffee may not be roasted until it has been ordered.

To guarantee you get the best coffee possible, it may be up to a week before your order is roasted and shipped.

Please also note:  The minimum order amount of $29.98 is reflective of 2 pounds of coffee.

You are welcome to purchase smaller quantities in store.

All our coffees are Fair Trade Organic Coffees.

To place an order or for more information,

Call (903) 638-6942

We also run a busy coffee cafe.  If noone answers, please leave a message and we'll call for your order.


$14.99 a pound


Columbian - decaffeinated
Taste Buds Blend (Sumatra, Columbian and Ethiopian)
Taste Buds Blend - decaffeinated
Sumatra Dark
Sinful Pleasure (caramel and maple)
Sinful Pleasure - decaffeinated
Black Russian (Kahlua and Chocolate)
White Russian (White Chocolate and Kahlua)
Jamaican Me Crazy (Kahlua and Vanilla)
Creme Brulee
Hazelnut Cream
Almond Amaretto
Southern Pecan